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By: Ray Devil

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Saturday, 10-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sepetang Bersama Saya menjadi sebuah cawan.

kami cawan
kami cawan yg seksi
Saya adala sebuah cawan.

Saye ade rakan.
kami adala satu team
saye adalah devilx
sebelah saye adalah acad.
sebelah lagi tuh adala wirda.

pada mulanya kami semua manusia biasa.
Secara tiba2 kami bertukar menjadi cawan2.

Cawan2 itu ada nilai pada orang orang. Hanya yang menghargai sahaja yg dapat menilai dan menghargai akan kehadiran cawan2 itu..
Cawan2 itu begitu hening. Damai dan tenang.

sbaxdyfgangnreg laqurileauop. hiugfnskjdwiouew &*$&^!! argh pekemende aku merepek nehh! aku tamoh keje di ari sabtu petang! nak balikkk!!!!

Saturday, 3-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Saya dan Sepetang Di WM

lagik2 scene nih...
suatu petang ..balik opis....amek gamba lagik....tapi ...malas nak haplod sumer..



wirda- ko salah! awan tuh gebu macam pipi aku.
majinXz- tak...tuhbukan cotton candy. tuh awan.
noe- aku mmg mantap.sebab aku mmg tak pernah curi gamba2 ko...
britney- yes u r an idiot loser!
Rina Khan- Highly appreciated it!! r u really sure of it? im taking it seriously.child potrait are the hardest but worth trying!.
marcia- ABC? err..i think its more into Ais Cendhol...
semutaro- ko still rival aku for the best shoot
yu$rii- yeah ur most welkam. u can request me for the font if u dont have it.
Julia A- THANNXXXX. u r the most respectable ppl ive ever met. tak lokek ilmu.
anne- i see...rugi korang tak amek great shot in the jugnle...
fique-well, thats make it 2-yg ske the #1.hek hek...
kalin- well, im oso still new in this shutter madness.
aX-kakaka..nko apesal ??hahaha.kuala sepetang jauh arrr...
SN- ouh..nothing2say.no offence.hek hek hek!! its nice to having u, comment on my Fp just to reply my comment on urs.

others- Thanx for the comment and the Smileys .!!!

Wednesday, 30-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Anekarama Di Kala Kebosanan

guruh memanggil sayup kedengaran
huik?? II
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aku da bosan..mama mia..aku da bosan..mama mama..hey mama mia..aku da bosan...lalalalala

Monday, 28-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Color of celebration-modify version

colorful celebration
Boring2 at the max... browse my pics collection.. and suddenly my eyes caught this pictures.n yeah...i know what to do with this.
Noted that THIS PICTURE IS NOT MINE. My credit goes to undefineME http://undefineme.fotopages.com for the picture.

Obviously I develop my own technique-to sharpen my skills-its called the Devilx Color Seperation (DCS ver.1 rev 2b)..hahahah!

1)copy layer-working layer
2)copy layer-hidden it for backup
3)new spot channel
4)set R 50%; G 30%; B 20%
5)select pen tool-choose unwanted area.
6)path->load path as selection- delete
7)repeat 5,6 till finish.
8)original layer->hue/saturation ->set master ; saturation (-100)
9)open email->create new email->send to kai_zul@yahoo.com with message sumthing like "wow!! u r very awesome dude!!! cooolll!!! "
10)thank you.

Wednesday, 23-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Open That House IDIS 05 PART II- The Food, And The Things.

argh! rangup sedap giler!!
argh!! rangup sedappppnyerr!!
the infusion?
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2nd part of the view from IDIS Open house- its the things & the Food. The food was sedap bangettt !

p/s- again, for anyone who wish to bring this to kedai cuci-request it to me for full res pictures ++ other images. not all the image being uploaded here.

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